Commercial Boat Services can supply a range of pontoons from smaller easy to transport and assemble plastic modular pontoons for lighter duties such as bridge inspections and smaller civil engineering works, such as bank maintenance and providing access for men and equipment and materials.

We also can supply larger steel modular pontoons that are ideal for the larger civil engineering works and can carry a range of heavy equipment and plant such as cranes and excavators. These pontoons can be used anywhere and are road transportable, our mini tugs and operators can assemble them and push them around as required. Both the plastic and steel pontoons can be fitted with spud legs and moon pools for mounting a drilling rig or a core survey rig.

Stability calculations can be supplied for all pontoon configurations, this is particularly important when using towers or access platforms. All pontoons can be supplied with deck protection and can be fitted with visqueen bunding to prevent any material’s entering the water, a common requirement from the Environment Agency.

Case Studies

Methley Bridge


River Calder, Castleford

Safety Boats, Pontoons

CBS were asked by Colas to provide access to enable the repairs to the voided structure at Methley Bridge, Castleford, over the River Calder.

Access was difficult but the CBS modular plas...
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