Commercial Boat Services have a fleet of aluminium road-transportable mini-tugs with powerful twin 200hp engines driving jet propulsion units. These allow them to be used in very shallow water and also in areas that a propeller would be vulnerable.

These boats can be quickly deployed and are ideal for pushing and pulling modular steel pontoon systems with a powerful 2.5 ton bollard pull. We also have smaller Rigid Raiders fitted with commercial spec outboards and with pushing knees, ideal for workboat duties along with pushing plastic pontoons. These are available with a trailer for fast deployment and ease of recovery.

All our workboats are certified and come with all necessary safety equipment and are fitted with lifting eyes.

For longer jobs and sea passages we have subcontractors available.

Case Studies

Trefor Pier

Trefor, North Wales

Mini-tugs & Workboats

CBS were asked to provide their mini tugs to move uni-float modular pontoons carrying heavy plant and equipment, around the outer harbour at Trefor, North Wales to allow the demolition team to remo...
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Liverpool Giants

Royal de Luxe


Mini-tugs & Workboats

The Liverpool Giants were again walking around Liverpool and the Wirral drawing massive crowds they showcased with the biggest giant being craned onto a pontoon in the Liverpool dock system, Commer...
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