CBS were asked to provide their mini tugs to move uni-float modular pontoons carrying heavy plant and equipment, around the outer harbour at Trefor, North Wales to allow the demolition team to remove the old timber jetty.

The CBS mini tugs are road transportable and have 2 x 200 hp powerful diesel engines, driving jet units that develop 2.5 ton bollard pull, and can both push and pull large pontoons in the hostile tidal sea conditions or on fast flowing rivers.

This particular task was made extremely difficult by the tight access through Trefor village. CBS arranged for the mini tugs and pontoons to be lifted off the road transport onto smaller trailers and towed to the harbour by tractor.

The demolition team appreciated the skills of the tug operators in these difficult conditions and despite the weather conditions, that were challenging, the project was successfully completed safely and to the full satisfaction of the client.

Trefor Pier


Trefor, North Wales


Mini-tugs & Workboats