CBS were carefully selected from many marine operators to fulfil the role of the marine rescue team for the massive capital infrastructure project, The Mersey Gateway, a new motorway crossing over the River Mersey at Runcorn, Cheshire.

The location of the bridge demanded a bespoke innovative solution to deal with the 1 kilometre crossing of a tidal estuary with some of the biggest tides in the country, bringing a boar twice a day; and then leaving soft sands and muddy riverbed when the tide recedes for the greater part of this daily cycle.

Hovercraft and other specialist vehicles were considered, but CBS won the contract with its specialist amphibious RIB’s that were capable of easily dealing with the fast currents of an incoming tide and being able to cross the sandbanks safely at low water with their hydraulic land wheels.

The CBS marine rescue team are highly trained in swift water rescue, mud rescue & first person on scene first aid.  The amphibious RIB’s are capable of carrying a casualty and all the necessary equipment to carry out a rescue.

This project lasted over 3 years and the rescue team were on site 24/7 during which time they were highly regarded by the construction team who relied upon them to keep them safe.

Mersey Gateway


Mersey Gateway


Runcorn, Liverpool


Amphibious Support